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Wow Words from God

Each short chapter of "Wow Words from God" explains how God recognizes and brags on similar behavior in us. These affirmations will bring you closer to God.
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40 Days of Spiritual Growth

Have you ever considered what your final words might be? Will they be words of blessing? Words of advice? Words of love? This book contains 40 daily devotions based on the farewell words the Apostle Paul wrote to the churches he started and to friends who served with him on his missionary journeys. As you work your way through the 40 daily devotions in this book you will gain a greater appreciation for God's work in your life, and come to know that He can help you conquer any difficulty you are facing.
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How Great Is Our God

This book gives a verse-by-verse study of Psalm 91, sometimes called "the soldier's psalm." "How Great Is Our God" shows you that God is always for you and that He protects and watches over you.
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I Will Rescue You

God delights in rescuing people from their setbqacks and difficulties. This book was chosen as a finalist in the 2021 Notable Book Awards by the Southern Christian Writers Conference.
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How God Takes Care of You

"How God Takes Care of You: The Hidden Hand of God's Providence" explains God's exciting providential activity in your life.
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Discipleship for the Rest of Us

Discover how an everyday person, like yourself, can live consistently for Jesus.
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